Little is Big

small is bigEvery little bit helps, even when it does not feel that way!  Everyday life can be so boring and mundane and stressful at the same time leaving us exhausted and overwhelmed at the end of the day.  Wondering how we are ever going to get it all done and how to fit everything into the linear time line, that we call a calendar. First remember that time is not just linear but works on a dimensional scale.  The timing of everything is always out of our hands we are just trying to manipulate it when we can, however there are always going to be things out of our control and somehow in the end things always do come together just not how we had imagined or expected them to or on the time line we wanted.

We also have to remember a few other things, most importantly that every little bit does help in the grand scheme of things and that we are not ever going to get it all done, there is no such thing as all done, there will always  be more and a never ending list of things to do in life.  There for we cannot keep saying when I get done with this list I will have time to do what matters to me.  The list will always be there and it will always be growing.  What we have to start doing is equating ourselves into the list.  Why?  Because every little bit does help and meeting our needs does become BIG.  Once we can begin to meet our needs daily we will have more energy and mind set to take on the never ending tasks that lie ahead, we will also begin to feel more moments of Being joyful and alive rather than feeling more moments of being stressed  and overwhelmed.  We have to carve out time for ourselves to exist and BEE in the present.  We have to feel moments of being alive in order to get recharged.  We cannot continue to constantly walk around in our heads doing tasks that are trying to get us ahead and into the future.  Our lists and goals are important but they must be balanced and we must create time in our lives for us to be fully alive and in that moment and not in our heads.  Some people do this by meditating, going to a yoga class, playing an instrument, outdoor recreation, art, reading, singing whatever way you have learned how to turn your mind off and BEE…do that and do that often because that is how we harness and ignite the energy from within ourselves rather than looking outside of ourselves for happiness.  This week’s challenge….do something or the same thing from your useless list everyday this week!  Start out with just 10 minutes….because little is BIG.  It is every little tiny knit that produces a blanket.  Have fun BEEING this week!

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