Bee You TifulWhat makes one beautiful?  Well they do say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?  There is nothing more beautiful to me than to see a woman who is empowering herself and others.  A female who is not afraid of her power and shinning it for all see. It is those women who let us all glimpse at how truly amazing women all are and are capable of being.  We have to be bold and willing to go outside of our comfort zone in order to grow into who we really truly are.  How do we do this and what does it look like to be one of these beyoutiful women?  We have to take a first step and make a commitment to our relationship with self. Creating space in our life’s to fit ourselves and our desires, goals and needs into will only create a sense of ease and well being.  In this fast pace world it is easy to put ourselves and needs aside for the sake of trying to juggle time, jobs, parenting and relationships. Yet when we set ourselves aside in daily life we are actually teaching and demonstrating that our needs are not as important?  That we do not value ourselves as a priority? This is not a very good example to live by, it teaches a not sustainable non empowering lifestyle to our children spouses and friends. If we want to change the world we must begin by changing ourselves because we impact those around us.  We must start by doing what makes us Happy, gift yourself permission to be and live the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.  Is this going to happen overnight? Hell no!  Is this going to take a long time?  Yes probably the rest of our lives.  Are you going to feel a change right away?  Yes! Just remember a sailor only has to change the course of the ship by one degree to end up at a completely different location after crossing the ocean.  You too will start to feel different and more alive each day by changing your course by one degree!

In order to reach any Big or Grand goal you have to start small and continue to take those small little steps.  Climbers get to the top of a Mountain by taking thousands of small steps over and over and eventually they get to the top, but only because they are willing to take small steps over and over and not give up.   The first step is committing to your relationship with self and self care….. Call it a date with destiny!  Gift yourself at least 20 minutes this week to do whatever you want being “useless, nonproductive” Walking, biking, bathing, writing, making art, yoga, dancing, reading..….whatever makes your heart sing out, do that and do it at least once this week for 20 minutes!  Where there is a will there is a way.  If you have to wake up earlier, go to bed later or carve out sometime in the middle of a day do whatever it takes just make it work for the sake of you!  Take 5 minutes right now and make a list so you have ideas for what to do in those 20 free minutes you have gifted yourself.  By making this list you are not only getting clear and remembering all the little things that matter to you, you are also saving yourself from running around in circles going “what should I do” everyday of our lives there are so many things that we want to do and get done, this list will keep things clear and grow as time goes on and will actually become a pillar for your everyday life! This list is called the useless list, yup the useless list!  Why?  Well because we run around telling ourselves we don’t have time to do the things we want to really be doing because they are not important, serious or productive.  However we will begin to find out just how important these “useless” tasks are in our lives by exploring and actually making time to do them!

Here is a quick example

Take a Bath

Read a book

Go for a walk

Write in a journal

Make some Art

Soak feet and paint nails

Go on a bike ride

Etc. etc. etc.

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