Today is That Day

today is that dayHere it is that time of year again… a new year, which in turn means new goals and dreams for the year to come.  I am a dreamer, always have been and always will be.  So far my dreaming has taken me on many adventures therefore I am a strong believer in following and listening to those dreams.  That place of trust from within that makes no logical sense at all but it just feels right to you….that is your happy place don’t ever ignore it, feed it, grow that passion and water it like you would a seed.  That place or voice or feeling that you are tapping into is your inner compass that will help you navigate through out your entire life.

So here I am today showing up for my new adventure as I journey across the pages.  For years I have had an inner voice that keeps returning me to the idea of being a writer someday.  Well today is that someday.  Today is that day that I take the leap of faith and commit to doing what my heart longs to be doing.  Today is the day that I make myself vulnerable to the world outside of me. Today is the day that I start to share what is hiding inside of me so that I am able to uncover and unearth my hidden treasures that lie deep within and are waiting to be found.  Today is the day that I say “Fear I will no longer let you keep me from following my dream.” Today is the day that I JUMP!  Because I am somebody and I have something to say and share. I don’t know exactly what it is that I have to say or share yet, I just know that the only way to find out is to just do it! I encourage you to join me on this year long adventure and journey across the page.  We can discover and unearth the hidden treasures we are compelled to share and find with the rest of the world.

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